Decisyon App Composer

Deliver IoT Applications, Fast.

Decisyon App Composer (DAC) has a unique drag and drop environment that leverages a catalog of native Decisyon, and other compliant microservices. That means you can accelerate the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and inject real-time intelligence into your business operations. No need for multiple applications or extensive coding.

Imagine if your business could...

Share knowledge and collaborate daily via a unified framework

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Achieve maximum productivity with out-of-the-box, end-to-end functionality

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Deliver IoT business solutions—dramatically faster for developers and operators

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You select DAC. We do the rest.

Only Decisyon App Composer provides the complete solution to connect your business applications, employees, and data all without the need for extensive coding.

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Maximize Productivity with a Unified Framework

Whatever the data sources—devices, business systems, social channels, and more—Decisyon App Composer delivers the right information to the right people at the right time, fast. It enables smarter decision-making and more profitable operations.

DAC is an easy to use, unified framework with a single drag-and-drop interface. Offering you a high degree of flexibility in developing business solutions, it maximizes the productivity of your developers throughout the entire software development life cycle. Our easy-to-use framework puts everything just a few clicks away. 

The collaborative development environment allows multiple designers and developers to work in parallel on different parts of the application. The result? Dramatically faster “speed to outcome” for both your developers and operators. And when you get more insights, you can optimize your decisions.

Get Out-of-the Box Functionality

Want to share knowledge and collaborate around real time data to arrive at faster and smarter decisions? Thanks to DAC's unified framework that leverages native microservices, you get out-of-the-box functionality to arrive at faster and smarter decisions. And if your developers desire further customization of the code, they have the power and flexibility they require.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Data and service orchestration services – aggregate and orchestrate relevant data and web services from your connected devices, business systems, social media, and other channels for analysis at the right time
  • Visualization and analytics – empower you to perform BI anywhere, anytime, with a simple right-click. The visual applications development environment enables you to use drag-and-drop simplicity to add services and widgets to a canvas
  • Business rules management – unify and automate your business rules (routine and exceptional decisions) into a single platform that learns as you grow, and grows with you
  • In-context collaboration – communicate with your key stakeholders in a unique, social and collaborative environment
  • Connections to business ecosystem – enable information collection and action directly in your existing systems

Decisyon App Composer maximizes the productivity of your developers throughout the entire software development cycle by providing an easy-to-use applications framework. Everything is just a few clicks away.

Deliver IoT Applications Fast

Got all the data in the world? Is it stored in different repositories, IT systems and cloud services? It means nothing without context and access. DAC changes that. It enables engagement with your data, wherever it is. Bi-directional linking to your systems, repositories, and services means your data is transformed quickly into actionable analysis for today and the future.

And by leveraging native microservices, DAC lets you accelerate the creation of IoT solutions and achieve the business results you require.  Best of all, DAC offers your solution architects, developers, and business users the flexibility they require without coding.

With Decision App Composer, intelligent business planning is just a touch away.