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Posts by Alex Aminian

Managing Factories from the Beach: Myth or Reality?

CRISIS & OPPORTUNITY Much has been written and said about the pandemic and its global ripple effects on everything from employment to the supply chain to the economy, and more. We’ve all lived this in real time, so we won’t rehash any of those details with you here. The oft-repeated looming question in everyone’s mind…

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IT + OT = A Smart Marriage

The “smartest” factories result from a successful marriage of information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT).  IT and OT have traditionally been structured as disparate and distinctive teams operating independently from one another with somewhat different mission and success factors. This dichotomy has been an impediment to digital transformation, preventing manufacturers from realizing the many…

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Are you ready to compete with your AI-empowered competition?

As a child, I was a fan of the Star Trek series on TV and was mesmerized by all the futuristic gadgets. Funny enough, I never bought into the “Scotty, beam me up” transporter or even the laser gun concept. I was impressed by those sliding doors simply opening as you approached them, and the…

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From A(nalog) to D(igital) in 4 steps!

Four Common Objectives of Companies on the Journey to Digital Transformation Over the past several years we’ve interacted and brainstormed with executives, managers and employees in hundreds of organizations on multiple continents and in a variety of industry verticals. As we get to know these companies and learn about their wants, needs, opportunities and challenges…

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It’s a Brave New World. Are we ready for it?

Today, we live in a world where we can already manage our homes with the sound of our voice. I predict that one day your toaster will talk to your fridge and alert you when you are running out of bread, and your fridge will not only have the ability to self-heal/fix itself but will…

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