Empower Your Company’s Enterprise Manufacturing Value Chain with Decisyon App Composer™ and Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure™

Decisyon’s App Composer (DAC) along with Schneider Electric accelerates development of Industrial IoT applications fed with real-time contextualized production data. It delivers repeatable solutions and editable applications that can be reused and modified locally then deployed globally, accelerating end-to-end enterprise digital transformation. DAC’s rich analytics, modeling and execution capabilities plus Schneider Electric’s core infrastructure and Industrial IoT microservices along with Decisyon’s expertise in manufacturing facilitates IIoT application adoption. 

Rapidly Prototype Your Next Manufacturing App with EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor - Apps Builder

Leverage a Powerful Convergence of IT/OT/IoT Competencies


Decisyon’s Digital Factory on Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform has been proven to empower a company’s full enterprise manufacturing value chain; it can be deployed rapidly and applied to a factory’s current workflow, be easily adapted and customized to a company’s specific production needs or prescriptive execution, using their own AI models in combination with DAC’s manufacturing-oriented widgets.

Decisyon App Composer Low-Code No-Code technology is embedded in Schneider Electric’s IIoT EcoStruxure platform, where you can deploy Decisyon Digital Factory apps, and/or visually build custom apps that focus on specific business needs, in any vertical. 


Rapidly and Visually Digitalize Your Entire Manufacturing Supply Chain and Factory Operations, Locally and Globally

Decisyon Digital Factory’s powerful end-to-end capabilities:

  • Digitalize your operations by creating a digital twin
  • Ingest your real-time sensor data at the edge
  • Perform edge analytics to filter the data based on your criteria
  • Deliver an Operational Console to monitor your local and global operations -- from anywhere -- on any device

Decisyon’s Operation Console puts you in control:

  • Modify the KPI’s and metrics of your operation on-demand
  • Collaborate around the operational data globally
  • Issue and manage alerts and tasks in context to appropriate personnel
  • See the results of AI-based projections to prevent maintenance and down time

“Industrial enterprises can now access the highly personalized business insights they need to drive world class levels of sustainable and profitable business performance."

- Sophie Borgne, Senior Vice President, Digital Plant, Schneider Electric


Everything is just a few clicks away.​

Decisyon App Composer maximizes the productivity of your developers throughout the entire software development cycle by providing an easy-to-use visual app development environment.