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Transform Your Factory Floor into a True Digital Factory Using Decisyon’s Manufacturing Solutions


Control Tower


Decisyon Digital Factory goes to work immediately.

It can be applied to a factory’s current workflow, or be easily adapted to a company’s specific production needs.

Customize it and deploy it everywhere in less than 6 weeks.

Real-Time Performance Management, Manufacturing Optimization & Asset Control

We’ve put it all together, so you don’t have to. Decisyon Digital Factory brings together all of the data, KPIs, visualization and analytical functionality you need to get and keep that edge. You’ll experience a flexible, visual, intuitive product that can be used “out of the box” or easily customized to your KPIs, workflow, or specific production requirements. You can do all of this without custom coding and endless development cycles.

  • Ready to use manufacturing solution
  • Flexible, modular approach
  • Technology agnostic – easily integrates with existing PaaS
  • Accelerate digital transformation across single plants and entire manufacturing ecosystems

Take Your Factory From Concept to Digital Twin With Decisyon Smart Gateway

Decisyon Smart Gateway (DSG) takes your digital factory from concept all the way to development of a full digital replica of your operation. DSG sits between devices, operators and the cloud. Its job is to securely collect, analyze and immediately act on the raw data from its connected sensors and devices. DSG delivers the capabilities to readily connect all sorts of machines (old and new, different brands and protocols via PLCs), collect the streaming data to be consumed and utilized, and act as a filtering mechanism, then perform a quick diagnostic or predictive analysis. DSG is smart enough to apply rules, take required action quickly if needed, and send the required data to the application in the cloud.

Decisyon Smart Gateway goes far beyond the concept of a digital twin representation of assets. DSG is a unique piece of edge software technology that provides an integrated view of production as a whole, allowing the creation of an Operational Digital Twin as close as possible to the production line, and ensuring bi-directional data integration using any protocol. Management can visualize and monitor everything holistically, plan the details, prevent problems, close the loop and optimize the system.

The Operational Digital Twin, made possible by Decisyon Smart Gateway, delivers the toughest, most complex jobs effectively and efficiently. It is key to gaining competitive advantage and generating better business results.

Digital Factory Modules

  • Real-time process order management
  • Electronic batch record management
  • Automatic detection of line downtimes and speed losses, and collection of root causes issues
  • Collaborative Data Analysis and Task Board for improving efficiency
  • Unique portal for operators, supervisors and managers
  • Immediate communication with other departments (maintenance, quality) for fast issues resolution
  • Fast onboarding of users due to intuitive visual UI

Control Tower

Control Tower
  • Drill down into line and production data to pinpoint root causes
  • Capture actions within a knowledge base for future problem resolution
  • View and insert data and KPIs in interactive boards, highlighting planned and actual results
  • Encapsulate and aggregate information during formal review meetings
  • Enable performance dialogue through targeted visual dashboards and analytics
  • Facilitate reporting, decision-making and management at all levels of the operation
  • Monitor plants, production lines and components of the machines from a central location
  • Schedule maintenance teams to repair them within a unified environment
  • Obtain a holistic view of your digital twins from sources such as historian systems, existing enterprise asset management, asset detail repositories, widgets and manuals
  • Failure prediction is simplified, and downtime is reduced
  • Enable collaboration around the recommended Next Best Action


Customer Success Stories:

See why global manufacturers turn to Decisyon for their manufacturing solutions

Multinational Pharma Plant Gets Lean with Real-Time OEE Solution

  • The company required a digitized environment for collaboration, information sharing, and decision making across plant operations, and manufacturing sites worldwide.
  • Decisyon provided a Real-Time OEE solution that spanned multiple facilities, and integrated plant operations across disparate systems and processes.
  • Decisyon's Real-Time OEE solution improved operational communications, provided a 360-degree view of the entire operation (better decisions, improved processes, risk mitigation), and helped reduce costs through automated data collection and proactive intervention when issues would arise.

Control Tower Solution Revolutionizes Manufacturing Operations

  • A global manufacturing company was plagued by inefficiencies with its manual, paper-based production operations.
  • By implementing Decisyon's Control Tower solution, the multinational firm was able to provide a 360-degree view of its shop floor to its staff — from production line coordinators to plant directors.
  • Decisyon's Control Tower solution helped transform the firm’s manufacturing operations, enhancing shop floor efficiencies with its staff across plants and geographies, and boosted its ability to define and implement targeted actions.

Business Impacts

Customers implementing Decisyon Digital Factory have achieved the following benefits:
100 digitalization of the process

From aggregation to action
The only solution you need to optimize everything about your factory


Decisyon’s Digital Factory makes monolithic manufacturing systems obsolete, turning a disconnected factory into one
that achieves higher productivity with lower costs, responding to market conditions, in real time while optimizing its
profits. The result: a comprehensive view of your entire operation, yielding better decisions and improved processes.


Enhanced Productivity and Scalability
  • Through real-time information exchange, error-prone, manual data/information collection and aggregation are reduced
  • Allows end users to create global, multi-plant manufacturing solutions
  • Creates the interoperability conditions to effectively involve cross-department managers and practitioners
Reduced cost
Reduce Costs
  • Automated data collection and more timely intervention when issues arise reduce costly production delays
  • Enhance DDF capabilities with ML and AI services available in Azure
  • Increase device connectivity with IIoT PaaS Digital Twins capabilities and/or Decisyon's standard Smart Gateway
Improved Communications
Improve Operational Communications
  • In-context collaboration reduces the need for phone calls, emails, and meetings between operators, managers, and departments
  • Deploy on IIoT PaaS infrastructure to ensure global cross-operational cooperation between IT and OT
  • Empower all the people in the value chain to get involved in the decision-making process, take action, and create execution rules to be applied on the plant

You are Just a Few Steps Away

Decisyon Digital Factory is the only solution you need ― from aggregation to action ― to optimize everything about your manufacturing operations.