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Decisyon Digital Factory Solution

Decisyon Digital Factory was designed from the ground up for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms to rapidly digitalize and optimize plant operations and manage its smart digital twin. This smart digital manufacturing solution eliminates the need for factory operators to be dependent on complex, monolithic and expensive to modify software. It delivers all the tools needed to visually connect to all your internal and/or external data sources, visualize, analyze, collaborate in context, decide and put them into action.

Digital Factory

Decisyon (MES) Solution

To gain flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing systems, the company needs to approach the plant environment in a much more horizontal and modular way than before, by using new architectural solutions to overcome any possible constraint due to monolithic already-in-place technologies. With Decisyon’s MES, you’ll replace disparate applications, spreadsheets and paperwork, using a system designed to be effective for the final user, from the line operator to the production manager.

Decisyon Products

Decisyon Control Tower Solution

The Control Tower solution aggregates and rolls up the information at different levels of the organization to provide a holistic view of the firm’s overall performance. From customer order through production to delivery, the Digital Factory Control Tower solution helps the manufacturer piece together disparate systems to streamline the full scope of its operations, increase its efficiency and speed time to market.
Control Tower

Decisyon APM Solution

Decisyon Digital Factory’s Asset Performance Management solution improves asset utilization, recommends options for improvement and implements relevant actions. Designed to integrate real-time data from multiple systems and sources, the Asset Performance Management solution provides a single point of access to critical data being generated by key assets such as manufacturing equipment, electricity and wind turbines, oil and gas exploration equipment, healthcare devices and others.

Decisyon Smart Gateway

Decisyon Smart Gateway goes far beyond the concept of a digital twin representation of assets. DSG is a unique piece of edge software technology that provides an integrated view of production as a whole, allowing the creation of an Operational Digital Twin as close as possible to the production line, and ensuring bi-directional data integration using any protocol. Management can visualize and monitor everything holistically, plan the details, prevent problems, close the loop and optimize the system.
Digital Gateway

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