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Take Your Factory From Concept to Digital Twin With Decisyon Smart Gateway

Going from concept to a full digital replica of a factory is a straightforward process when you have the right tools and capabilities in one place.

What is Decisyon Smart Gateway?


Decisyon Smart Gateway (DSG) is a key component in achieving a smart digital factory that brings you actionable insight, significant downtime reduction, problem prevention, and improvement in plant productivity and efficiency. Using DSG together with Decisyon Digital Factory, you will achieve a complete end-to-end solution for your manufacturing enterprise.

Decisyon’s Smart Gateway performs the following key functionality:

  1. Connects all machines, devices, and sensors
  2. Collects and orchestrates all streaming data from these sensors in real time
  3. Brings that data to an edge location (edge device or gateway)
  4. Filters large volumes of data, applying some rules and selectively taking action, if needed
  5. Creates & monitors a digital twin that simulates the real factory environment

DSG is smart enough to apply rules, take required action quickly if needed, and send the required data to the application in the cloud.


The Smart IoT Gateway’s Function in a Digital Factory


The Smart IoT Gateway is a key feature in a Digital Factory. Decisyon Smart Gateway sits between devices, operators and the cloud. Its job is to securely collect, analyze and act on the raw data from its connected sensors and devices.

DSG delivers the capabilities to readily connect all sorts of machines (old and new, different brands and protocols via PLCs), collect the streaming data to be consumed and utilized, and act as a filtering mechanism, performing a quick diagnostic or predictive analysis.

Operational Digital Twin vs. Digital Twin


The Operational Digital Twin, made possible by Decisyon Smart Gateway, delivers the toughest, most complex jobs effectively and efficiently. It is key to gaining competitive advantage and generating better business results.


DSG Creates an Operational Digital Twin that Simulates the Real Factory Environment


By creating a digital twin, a manufacturer can simulate the real factory environment so management can visualize and monitor everything holistically, plan the details, prevent problems, close the loop and optimize the system. The goal is to replicate every single process for a complete digital model of the factory.

Decisyon Smart Gateway is a unique piece of edge software technology that goes far beyond the concept of a digital twin representation of assets. It provides an integrated view of production as a whole, allowing the creation of an Operational Digital Twin as close as possible to the production line, and ensuring bi- directional data integration using any protocol.

With an Operational Digital Twin, your enterprise can recreate complex processes, visualize an entire factory’s operations, apply business rules, algorithms or analytics to support human decisions or automate decision making.

The Operational Digital Twin also adapts to new ways of working, obtains real-time updates, applies Manufacturing Execution System and/or other solutions as needed, and delivers the toughest, most complex jobs effectively and efficiently.

Gain Operational Intelligence for Better Outcomes


Decisyon’s Digital Factory and Smart Gateway are designed so you will achieve a complete end-to-end solution for your manufacturing enterprise, with full capability to transform a factory floor into a true digital factory: connecting all its moving parts, gathering the data, analyzing it, gaining a holistic view of the factory through a digital twin, obtaining real-time business intelligence from across the operational footprint, and enabling better decisions and a more efficient enterprise.

The net effect? An on-demand digital version of your operation, providing your manufacturing enterprise with a holistic view of the floor operation, capable of monitoring, diagnostics, reducing downtime and increasing profit margin.

You are Just a Few Steps Away

Decisyon Digital Factory is the only solution you need ― from aggregation to action ― to optimize everything about your manufacturing operations.