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Maximize Productivity with a Unified IIoT Development Environment

Make Better Industrial IoT Apps, Faster

Whatever the data sources—devices, business systems, social channels, and more—DAC delivers the right information to the right people at the right time, fast. It allows you to create your own Industrial app and enables smarter decision making, timely action and more profitable operations.

DAC’s drag and drop development environment provides a high degree of flexibility in building business solutions, for developers and business users alike.


Our Technology Partners

We work in close collaboration with key industry Partners – including Schneider Electric, AWS, Microsoft Azure, GE and others – to create Industrial Internet of Things applications and solutions at speed and scale, providing everything needed for the entire IIoT journey – from data to outcome.

DAC Key Features

Decisyon Smart Gateway
Configure, orchestrate and filter sensor data at the edge, as well as interoperability of all the machines in the plant supporting hundreds of PLC's and protocols.
API SDK Management
REST/JSON data source interface to map any 3rd party service or API. Use DAC REST API to access DAC data and services.
Data Virtualization
Connect to HROLAP SQL and no-SQL databases, and enterprise applications in real time without having to replicate data.
White Labeling
We provide a set of beautiful and contemporary themes that you can easily customize, or you can create your own (logo, app name, icons, palette, etc.).
Multi-App Console
Leverage the multi-tenant environment to segregate and control app usage rights. Administer all your apps from a unique web point of access.
Edge Analytics
Create first level operational intelligence in order to filter the data, execute some rules and take action/alert based on data.
Self-Service Analytics
Empower your team to perform BI anywhere, anytime, with a simple right click. Create your analytical models and ingest 3rd party AI/ML algorithms.
Multi-Language App
Set the language and time zones associated with each app and import the KPI dictionary. Segregate each configuration by user or team.
Widget Hub
Use Assemblies of pre-configured building blocks that you can drag and drop into pages. Create and publish your custom widgets in the hub.
In-Context Collaboration
Communicate with your key stakeholders in a unique, social and collaborative environment. Create task boards starting from a single KPI.
Users & Roles Management
Apply a consistent governance and security model (SAML, OAuth) to your data using a flexible, role-based access control security framework.
Data Connectivity
Use DAC's extensive collection of out-of-the-box connectors and API libraries to simplify integrating with third-party databases or applications.
Operational Digital Twin
Connect all devices and sensors and create a smart digital twin of assets, processes and operations on the edge.
Device Data Management
Ingest data from a variety of protocols and streaming platforms (e.g, HTTPS, MQTT, SFTP, AWS Kinesis, Historian, etc.).
Alerting and Workflow
Unify and automate your business rules. Extensive library to easily define temporal, geospatial or comparative rules for alert generation.

DAC Technology Vision

DAC’s agnostic Industrial IoT (IIoT) Visual Rapid Development Environment, with rich native microservices such as device management services, authentication and data management, BI and advanced analytics, collaboration, decision and action, along with services from different PaaS platforms, enables you to compose solutions visually and quickly using the best of breed of each platform.

  • DAC’s microservices architecture has extensive scalability and superior performance under heavy load
  • Its back end is Java Spring-based
  • Its front end is developed in HTML5 and Angular
  • It has over 30 built-in data connectors to read and write data for all major business systems
  • DAC can consume third-party REST services
  • Provides access to its own data and services using the DAC REST API

DAC can be deployed on different cloud services. You can choose to host DAC solutions on any public or private cloud or on-premises. DAC apps can be deployed using Docker or Kubernetes services like EKS of AWS or AKS of Azure or on premises.

DAC Operational Components

Decisyon Smart Gateway (DSG)

Decisyon's Smart Gateway (DSG) ingests and orchestrates real-time streaming IIoT data from all the connected devices and sensors, together with other legacy inputs, to create a dynamic digital representation of each piece of equipment and, collectively, the entire operation (i.e. Digital Twin), creating operational intelligence on the edge. DSG enables the business user to apply filters and rules at the edge, selecting only the raw data necessary for processing. DSG configures data workflow and machine interoperability, orchestrates and ingests critical variables, and produces operational intelligence that is executed on machines, thereby creating the Operational Digital Twin for the entire plant. DSG becomes the single source of truth bringing a digital version of the operation to DAC to enable industrial app creation.

DAC Design Studio (DS)

DAC-DS is a powerful feature-rich environment for the high-speed development, configuration and administration of data-intensive IoT business applications. Written in Java, it is a standalone application that inherits DAC's portability and independence. Simple and intuitive in design, DS enables easy extraction of insight from data via its high-level ROLAP data engine and helps developers build rich user interfaces by using modern front-end frameworks and development methodologies. DS provides the access management (authorization) capabilities necessary to publish and distribute information to users based on their functional roles.

DAC Runtime (RT)

DAC-RT, the runtime component, offers sophisticated functionality to visualize, analyze, explore and create actions on data. All the analysis generated on DAC is fully navigable: users can leverage drilling, pivoting, slice-and-dice, sorting functions, contextual collaboration and integrated task management by a simple right click anywhere, anytime. They can also reorganize any data view with simple drag-and-drop or by clicking on toolbar icons to obtain visualizations that meet their needs. Data, analyses and actions are easy to share across organizations, out of the box, using our unique collaboration toolset.

DAC Extensions

Push and Pull API GUI

Natively call any REST or SOAP API straight from DAC data sources, without needing complex software development tasks to retrieve data: it allows you to connect and integrate your app with external ones. DAC Connector Kit offers powerful integration options with native REST support and advanced mapping of XML and JSON messages. Connectors that leverage a third-party SDK can be included easily as native drag-and-drop elements in the DAC Page Designer and Workflow. DAC's API allows you to feed your application data into your BI and Analytics tools and all other downstream applications.

datasource designer

Widget Designer

Widget Designer is a powerful online development environment that provides a feature-rich tool set to build complex applications with complex user interfaces.  The development environment is based on Angular and can be extended with any third-party services and front-end libraries. Using Widget Designer, you can create custom widgets with complex workflows that meet your requirements. Once created and published, your custom widgets will be available in the palette for designing pages using Page Designer. You can also create and share libraries that can be reused on multiple widgets.

widget designer

Widget Hub

The Widget Hub helps you to build applications faster and use new features or bug fixing specific to widgets because it is separated from the App Composer lifecycles.

Using the Widget Hub, system administrator and application developers can:

  • Explore the dedicated catalog of widgets
  • Read the documentation of each with details such as required data sources, in & out parameters etc.
  • Easily download widgets
  • Get notified about new versions
  • Restore an old version of an upgraded widget
  • Download widgets compatible with its own installed DAC version
  • Upgrade the widget’s version without losing customizations
widget hub crop

Everything is just a few clicks away.​

Decisyon App Composer maximizes the productivity of your developers throughout the entire software development cycle by providing an easy-to-use visual app development environment.